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CMS Guide to Dismissals

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CMS Guide to Dismissals
Although the European Union is underpinned by common principles, considerable differences remain even beyond simple linguistic barriers. These differences are particularly noticeable in the development and application of labour laws across the continent. Widening the focus beyond the EU and into non-EU states including China and Russia provides for even greater contrasts.
This Guide provides an overview of termination procedures for employees and managing directors in 22 European countries, plus Russia and China. The first part of the Guide deals with termination procedures for employees and the second part for managing directors. The Guide is intended to provide CMS’s international clients, including those doing business across Europe and into Asia, with a summary of local laws across all 24 countries, making it easier to understand both the similarities and differences between each jurisdiction. The Guide has been written by the CMS Employment and Pensions Practice Area Group, which comprises over 250 lawyers with specific expertise and experience in employment and pensions law.
We are confident this Guide will help clients considering dismissals. If it encourages you to seek more detailed information, then please contact one of the members of the CMS Employment and Pensions Practice Area Group who will be happy to provide further advice. We have a proven track record in understanding our clients’ needs, and in delivering a professional and seamless service.
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