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Ten things every insurer should know

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Ten things every insurer should know
CMS is a recognised market leader in providing legal services to the insurance industry. We understand the insurance market, how it operates and the issues you face.
We have made a point of developing close personal working relationships within our international network so that we are able to achieve a measure of uniformity in the services that we offer to our insurance clients, particularly on claims and coverage advices. We have significant expertise in co-ordinating multi-jurisdictional matters on behalf of clients, “hubbing” international matters in an efficient, seamless way.
As the insurance market constantly evolves and expands into new regions, so does CMS’ geographic footprint and this latest edition reflects our expansion into the Americas. We are well placed to advise on the set up of local offices and meeting regulatory requirements, as well as the localization of international policy wordings to support the launch of new product lines.
As we’ve made it our business to know the insurance market inside out, our clients tell us that we have the in-depth knowledge they need to support their business on an international basis. We speak the industry’s language and our cross-regional insurance practice advises many of the sector’s major players
This document provides a sample of that expertise, comparing and contrasting ten key insurance issues across some of the jurisdictions in which we operate. We hope you find it useful.
Alex Denslow Bas Baks
Head of CMS Insurance Sector Group Deputy Head of CMS Insurance Sector Group
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